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What is Equine Iridology?

Equine Iridology is a way of analysing the coloured part of the iris for fibre changes, discolouration, marks and lines in various colours.


Iridology can not only tell us where the tissue damage or imbalance is but also the extent of the damage and whether it is old or new. Moreover, iridology can detect inherited weaknesses, muscle spasms, constitutional strengths, digestion issues, temperament changes which may not show up elsewhere but which may explain a horse’s lack of performance or re-occurrence of an injury/problem.


Equine iridology can often be the missing link in a treatment where you are not quite sure why the horse is reacting or moving the way it does.

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Equine Iridology


Such marks are formed due to the eye’s unique relationship with the brain. As an embryo, the eye develops as a part of the brain, and then separates. However, the eye remains connected to the brain via the optic nerve because the optic nerve is a projection of brain tissue. Therefore, fibre changes in an organ or any part of the body are projected through to the iris via the brain.


When an organ or system is under stress the nerve endings relating to that organ begin to recede leaving discoloration within the iris relating to that particular organ.

How can  Equine Iridology do this?

Equine Iridology..the eyes are the window to the soul!Equine Iridology is a way of analysing the iris structure and correlating markings to an eye grid.

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