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Equine Herbs

Before the horse became domesticated, they roamed over grasslands selecting plants which would be beneficial to them as sustenance and to aid in recovery from illness.


Today's horses are not quite as lucky and are taken away from their  natural habitat where the grasslands and herbs suited their constitution.  Furthermore, many   pastures have not retained their mineral balance and variety of grasses and herbs.


It is important for you as a  horse owner to be able to add these essential minerals and herbs to your horse’s diet, especially when inherited weaknesses have been identified through iridology. 


Iridology allows us to identify which areas may need attention in order to recommend herbs that may give your horse maximum benefit to its health and well-being.

Equine Iridology..the eyes are the window to the soul!

A clean body works better.  Sweet and molassed feeds increase congestion in the horse’s system.  Even though such ‘balanced’ feeds are easier and quicker for the horse owner to give at the beginning and end of each busy day, we need to look into the reason why so many horses today have problems.  Who does not have a horse that is seen on a regular basis by a chiropractor, physio or other such qualified therapies or indeed a vet? Have you ever stopped to wonder why horses are being seen so regularly for checks, why horses are not performing as optimally as they should? 


Food is the coal for the burner.  If not fed sufficiently the engine becomes stuffy and sluggish and sooner or later that engine will stop running if not correctly cleaned and the right coal given.  The same is said of the horse and indeed of us.


Today’s feeding regimes increase congestion within a horse’s digestion and blood.  If this is coupled with a weak constitution, digestion and possible inherited weaknesses, a horse will not be able to give 100%. 

Equine Iridology allows us to see the constitution, inherited weaknesses and health of the horse in order to better assess the level of congestion in the body and the role it is playing on the health and soundness of a horse.  This is the reason, I understand why a horse requires a natural diet.

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